5 Hairstyles to Try with Your Noon Dress

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For women, wearing the perfect noon dress should go with a complimentary make-up, pair of shoes and some accessories. But to complete the overall look, having your hair styled accordingly goes a long way. Are you having difficulties deciding on what hairstyle you should wear with your dress? Here are 5 must-try hairstyles to suit your noon dress.

Go with a Bun

From the simple to the more detailed and sophisticated braided to the messy version, hair buns are flexible options regardless of the occasion or season. Tons of bun tutorials are over the internet and a lot of women have been raving over the newest versions. Hair buns work best with medium-length to long hair, but even short hairs are getting their own versions too with the help of accessories. This hairstyle goes best with maxi and low-back dresses if you want to achieve a fresher and more carefree look.

Waves and Curls

Like the hair bun, curls are one of the hairstyles that never go out of style. There are lots of curl types you can try from crimped or mermaid curls to larger beach curls and you can get it right you’re your trusty curling iron. Whether you’re styling your hair for a frappe date with your girls or for a lunch date with your special someone, girls can get an ultra-feminine vibe every single time.

Keep it Straight

Straight and silky hair is timeless and achieving it is easy using your blow dryer and best hair straightener for thick hair. You can use a shine serum to get rid of the frizz. The best thing about straight hair is that it works with all face shapes and hair types. If you want to add a bit of thrill to your straight hair, you may consider getting a layer or piece-y ends to add a more stylish and contemporary look. You may also want to add some bangs or fringes but you need to take your face shape into consideration to determine the best angle for your bangs and fringes.

Try the Whimsical Crown Braid

Crown braids are done by splitting the hair into two sections and then tying them into a braided pigtails and then sealing it over the head using bobby pins. The crown braid could be leveled up with pearls, tiny ribbons and small flowers and best complements boho-styled dresses.

Entice with a Pixie Cut

The popular pixie cut’s grand entrance to the world of fashion and style traces its origins back to the famous style icon, Audrey Hepburn, who sported the hairstyle in her movie Roman Holiday’. The iconic hairstyle made a comeback and became another sensational ’ thing in fashion in the year 2015 and was sported by Hollywood stars like Hunger Games star, Jennifer Lawrence and Harry Potter series’ favorite girl, Emma Watson. If you are brave enough to go short you may want to try the intimidating pixie cut to give your look a more dramatic and fiercer approach.

There are tons of hair inspirations available but whatever hairstyle you choose to with your dress, it all boils down to your confidence and grace.