How to choose hair straightener


If you are one of those who desire gorgeous and bouncy hair like the actresses you see in the movies, you are not alone. Most women consider their hair to be their most attractive feature and I am sure many men would agree. One of the aspects of having hair that would turn heads, is to have it straighter. We will show you how to choose a hair straightener so that you can show off your tresses to the best advantage.

A hair straightener also known as a flat iron is a useful tool to straighten out the curls in your hair. Hair straighteners typically work by flattening out the hair follicle. There’s no one size fits all’ and before choosing a flat iron you should know what are the factors that could influence your decision.

Your Hair Type

You could be having thin and delicate hair or it could be curly and frizzy. It is vital that you understand your hair type before choosing the ideal hair straightener. Using the wrong one could result in not getting the desired effect or worse causing damage to your hair.

Plate material

Hair straighteners come in a variety of plate materials, the most common ones being ceramic coated, solid ceramic, ceramic and Teflon, tourmaline and titanium.

Ceramic and its variants are useful for you if you have thin and fine hair. Ceramic is a naturally soft material and does not require a lot of heat to do the job. It works well for people with thin and fragile hair because it is not harsh on the hair and will not damage your hair.

Titanium is an alloy which heats up fast and retains heat. They are popular with people with thick and coarse hair because they do the job quickly. However it can cause damage to thin hair because it retains a high amount of heat and can burn hair that is delicate in nature.

Effect of heat

The quantum of heat that you use in the process of straightening your hair can mean the difference between having a glossy and straight finish and dry and damaged hair.

For thin hair you need to be careful that you do not apply excessive heat, since this can
Result in your hair getting burnt. If you get a burning smell during the process of straightening, stop right away and work with a lower temperature setting.

For curly and coarse hair you would need higher temperatures to get your hair straightened out. Regardless of the type of hair, you would do well to start with a low temperature, gradually increasing it until you attain your level of comfort.

Size of Straightener

Flat irons come in a variety of sizes and attachments. Small size irons work well if you have short hair. They are also useful if the only application that you have is to create bangs and spikes. They are easier to carry and can be a useful travel accessory.

Longer hair demands a larger and wider straightener which would let you get the job done faster and with lesser effort.

So there you go, keep these handy tips in mind before you chose one of those flat irons.

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